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720p Vs 1080p Video File Size

720p vs 1080p video file size


720p Vs 1080p Video File Size >

















































720p Vs 1080p Video File Size



Honeslty, if you think a movie like "Eat, Pray, Love" is sooo much better in 1080p vs 720p, I just have to roll my eyes. What you should keep in mind is that the most right option will always be the one that meets you needs better. Just because my car can do a 160 MPH doesn't mean I drive it at that speed all the time. AQOC, Jan 9, 2012 AQOC, Jan 9, 2012 #31 . Jan 9, 2012 #40 Ryom [H]ardGawd Messages: 1,394 Joined: Oct 11, 2006 Well, there is a small technical difference between having an opinion and being a prick with an opinion. Also, my receiver up-converts everything to 1080p, so if the OP has up-conversion going on, that should be considered too. AQOC, Jan 9, 2012 AQOC, Jan 9, 2012 #22 . So I had switched iTunes to download 720p movies instead of 1080p.


I will let people know what I think is stupid and what is not. Different strokes, I guess. page not foundthe page you requested does not exist . Could the audio and CC files account for the difference? I wonder if the download size includes housekeeping such as file validation, DRM, etc. I used to recommend to people to get the 720p versions if theyre strapped for bandwidth or storage; now, it seems like its a moot point.


I will let people know what I think is stupid and what is not. The time to rip if you are just copying (i.e., a bit-perfect rip) rather than transcoding is way less than that. Jan 9, 2012 #24 grimster Limp Gawd Messages: 435 Joined: Oct 21, 2011 What movie is 6.5 hours? grimster, Jan 9, 2012 grimster, Jan 9, 2012 #24 . All I care about relating to the video is not seeing macro-blocking on motion. Secondarily, storage is "cheapish". Yet. Trepidati0n, Jan 9, 2012 Trepidati0n, Jan 9, 2012 #20 . Then again I just queue up whatever I want to watch at the time in Netflix and wait 1 freaking day (or stream it depending) for it to arrive instead of trying to recreate the Library of Congress on my home computer I keep a small library of blu-rays for my must have movies on hand though, everything else I just queue up.. That way, it plays without any menus in WMC (I usually listen to this stuff a lot).


At this point it doesn't appear that any content is exclusively 1080p sensible considering the number of Apple devices out there that are still limited to 720p as their "HD" resolution. I know when I rip with Handbrake, 720P files are considerably smaller. Don't like it, is there not any kind of ignore button? On the internet it seems like your opinion is only valid if it follows a mainstream view, and is positive. Jan 6, 2012 #18 AQOC 2[H]4U Messages: 2,131 Joined: Jan 23, 2011 I don't understand why one would own a high-resolution collection and then encode with compression to lesser so to save disc space (I get it if you want to travel with in and view on laptop or tablet/phone). File Size & Storage: 1080p is Bigger than 720p From a file size point of view, a 1080p HD movie download is expected to be approximately 50% larger than the 720p counterpart. It may still be 1080p- but it's not going to be pretty. MPEG-4 AVC > VC-1 > MPEG-2 And sometimes BD authors themselves make stupid compression decisions, like cramming 6.5 hours into a single disc. If I wanted to watch them, I would rather load the disc, than to spend the money on that much storage to back up that stuff.Click to expand. Even so, Blu-ray is compressed, and if you recompress, you have the option of using a quality-based setting, instead of specifying a size or bitrate, and relying on the encoder to choose which parts get more bit rate.

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